You and Your Dog Probably Have the Same Personality, New Research Shows

woman sitting on camper van step petting golden retriever dog

Would you consider yourself outgoing, easy-going, open-minded, serious or neurotic? No matter what personality type you have, if you have a dog, then your beloved dog probably has the same personality. According to a new study conducted by the Kennel Club, which ranked more than 1,500 past and current dog owners, people are most likely to choose pets with personality traits similar to their own, according to

After evaluating 16 popular dog breeds associated with five major personality types, the team found that the personality traits of pet parents typically matched the breeds they chose. In analyzing the data, they came to the following conclusions:

Adventurers are most likely to have whips
Those with a positive attitude towards life tend to have Golden Retrievers
Organized people have Miniature Schnauzers
Organized people have Miniature Schnauzers
Amiable extroverts have Pomeranians
Affectionate and friendly people have Staffordshire Bull Terriers or Jack Russell Terriers.

Not surprisingly, most people surveyed did some compatibility research before choosing their dog – and 88% of participants said the work paid off. They felt their pets were a good fit for their personalities and lifestyles. “Each breed has different characteristics, traits and care needs, which helps potential owners learn more about whether they’re a good fit,” says Bill Lambert, spokesman for the Kennel Club.

“It seems we can often learn a lot about a person from the type of dog they own,” Lambert added. “It’s striking how many people unconsciously choose a breed of dog that matches their personality, which suggests that things do come together for people.”

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